How Cranberry Works

We're out to create the best way to live in a home.  We combine the great parts of renting and owning to offer you a new housing option.

Enjoy the freedom of picking any home.  Build equity while you rent.  Choose to buy or not.  We take care of the details for you.

Apply Online

Pick Your Home

Select any home for sale. We'll buy it.  You'll sign a 3 year lease and pay an upfront contribution.

Buy Your Home

Purchase any time after your 12th month with any mortgage company. Or move after your lease and receive cash back.

Get Pre-Approved

We'll review your financial situation and let you know your shopping budget.

Live In Your Home

Build up funds to buy each month. We cover maintenance, property taxes, and insurance.

Monthly Equity

Every rent payment builds funds you can use to buy the home when you're ready.

Home Price Growth

Lock in your purchase price today. If home prices grow beyond that, you pocket the home equity when you buy.

How You Build Equity

Live in a home you love today. Then buy it with our help.