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Getting you home. Faster.
Lease to own housing reinvented.
Select Any Home

Pick any home currently for sale. We'll buy it and lease to you for 3 years.

Every lease payment builds a down payment and closing costs to buy the home.

Earn Every Month
Buy When Ready

Buy with any mortgage provider you choose using the funds you've built.

A New Path to Build Wealth

There are millions of Americans tired of paying someone else's mortgage.

For them, Cranberry is ready to be a partner on the journey to homeownership.

How much can I afford?

Tell us what monthly rent you'd like to pay, and we'll let you know.


Sample Quote


Purchase Price


Select any home for sale in your area. We'll buy it.

Sign a Lease

Starting Rent:


Lease Term:  3 years

Your Contribution



*Varies by credit

We Cover

Major Maintenance

Closing Costs

Property Taxes

Homeowner's Insurance

You Choose

Buy During Your Lease

Buyback Price:


You Receive:



Leave After Lease



See homes likely to qualify in this price range on Zillow

Why Cranberry

Low Upfront Cost

Pay as low as
2% of the
purchase price

Buy with Help

Build a down
payment with every
rent check

Try Before You Buy

See what it's like owning your favorite home

Simplified Living

We pay for maintenance and many housing costs

Available in
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC Metro Area
More Cities
Coming Soon!

695 Atlantic Ave

9th Floor

Boston, MA 02111

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